Established in Beirut in 1977, Sogelec Engineering specialized in execution of electrical works for an extensive range of construction projects, from small houses and flat apartments to schools, universities, commercial centers, government buildings, religious institutes, hospitals, hotels, etc...

Early in 1995, Mr. Ibrahim Mhanna,Mr. Wahib Chaiban, both having wide experience in electrical works joined & managed the Company.
The Company enlarged its area of operations from 1995 to contribute to the development of the Lebanese construction and real estate industry in the field of electrical services contracting.
Sogelec Engineering slowly, but with sure steps extended its activities and began assembling panel boards with international standards.

As of 2006, SOGELEC embraces a new challenge and starts its journey in Qatar's evolving market where it opened an affiliated company registered as : SOGELEC Iskan for electrical contracting W.L.L.

In January 2013, Sogelec Engineering achieved a new milestone by being certified by Schneider Electric. Panel boards assembly is now being done following IEC61439-1 standards and closely audited by Schneider electric’s auditors.


Sogelec Engineering s.a.r.l. is considered one of the successful Electrical Engineering, Contracting &  Trading Company in  Lebanon, who continues to contribute to the development and growth of the national economy. Our services & achievements cover, on very high technical standards and innovative system, the following electrical services:

  •  Project Assessment, Evaluation & Estimation.
  •  Conceptual Design and Development.
  •  Coordination on Site.
  •  Electrical Shop Drawings.
  •  Generating Power Plant.
  •  Synchronizing Panels.
  •  Main and Sub-main Distributions Panel Boards.
  •  Mechanical Control Panels.
  •  Bus Duct.
  •  Cable Trays.
  •  Cables.
  •  Earthing & Lightning Systems.
  •  Wiring Devices and Disconnect Switches.
  •  Lighting fixtures, Lighting points, and Lighting Control Systems.
  •  Telephone Systems.
  •  Data Servers and Patch panels
  •  Fire Alarm System.
  •  CCTV System.
  •  Video-Interphone System.
  •  SMATV System.
  •  Procurement & Inspection
  •  Installation.
  •  As Built Drawings
  •  Electrical Testing and Commissioning.
  •  Operation & Maintenance

Limited Liability company (SARL)


C.R. 35294 Beirut / 3613

Sogelec Engineering strongly supports the principle that all employees and workers have a basic duty of care to safeguard their own and others health and safety.

Sogelec’s safety policies have been formulated to achieve improved electrical constructions and services.

The company continually works on providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees through strict safety precautions, orderly good maintenance, meticulous care and attention to processes, regulations and equipment to avoid personnel injuries or any potential hazard to the health of its employees.

SOGELEC’s ISO project, as it is internally referred to, is a sound proof of the management’s commitment to continuously update the internal procedures to be always ahead of the market and ready for potential demands while always assuring the most efficient results at the highest quality to all our clients.


                                QUALITY ASSURANCE POLICY                                             

Sogelec Engineering has developed a system of quality management, complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards, ensuring the following:

  • Professional, Safe and efficient working methods.
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Strict Adherence to program, budget and Client specifications.
  • Compliance with Legal Regulation and Codes of Practice.
  • Compliance  with contractual obligations and professional  industry standards and practices.
  • Continuous training of the company’s teams to ensure appropriate quality and safety regulations are met throughout the entire internal processes
  • Continuous searching for, and implementation of cutting edge technology methods


With  this  in  mind,  the  endorse  and  support  of  the  quality  management  system  of SOGELEC Engineering s.a.r.l. remains the responsibility of all its employees.

                            SOGELEC's Quality Policy                                           

Our Quality Management System was developed, elaborated, and is continuously improved by SOGELEC team in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 standard and our Quality Management System whereby reflecting our process and organization.

To meet its target, SOGELEC invests in understanding every client’s and project’s needs, developing and delivering a dedicated service to our clients in total synergy with their requests and needs.

With high professionalism, we are committed in our quality policy to respect the codes and standards agreed upon, with the best practice in this field and deliver this to our clients through dedicated team of trained, experienced, and qualified professional employees.

SOGELEC empowers all employees to participate in implementing this policy, reach the set objectives and to assume responsibility for the quality of their work. The continual improvement in our services reflects the efforts of all our employees.

This policy will be reviewed for continual suitability on an annual basis and communicated throughout the organization.

In January 2013, SOGELEC Engineering s.a.r.l. was certified by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

SOGELEC’s Panel building department can now assemble panels according to IEC 61439-1 Standards.

Schneider Auditors are constantly monitoring our production, tools and testing procedures as per IEC standards which guarantee flawless building every time.